Our specialized attorneys assisted by a multidisciplinary support team act in Curitiba and its metropolitan area, besides several other towns in Parana state, Brazil, exclusively in employment and welfare law for group or personal actions, assisted or not by unions. Offering a personalized assistance In the exclusive defense of the employee´s rights, our goal is to always offer the best solution for labor and their relations’ conflicts.

We take the appropriate measures – judicial or extrajudicial – viewing the proper right claim, after the end of the work contract or even in its course.

Both the construction workers union – SINTRACON, and the workers of accounting, advisement, inspection, information and surveys from Curitiba – SINDASPP, are clients that receive our full assistance, either in the union headquarters in our private office.

For the defense of workers represented by labor unions, our team regularly promotes meetings and stays on duty in their headquarters, to clear any doubt regarding labor issues and be always alert to any employers’ action, offering a full assistance to union officials and members.


Since 2001, Nuredin Ahmad Allan and Associated Attorneys act in the defense of employees and is having very positive results in a dynamic area of law. Viewing the best interest of groups and with a strong sense of political changes, the firm was designed to fully act by conviction and principles, aiming full respect to employees’ rights and social rights.

In practical terms, the office deals with countless procedures and decisions in which the employee has had his rights reestablished, returned to work or received court assistance. We count on a sophisticated structure for the counseling and defense of the interests of workers in general, strategically located nearby our labor court named Tribunal Regional do Trabalho 9ª Região.

Our team takes decisive steps in the filing and following up of labor actions, using very precise procedures, to ensure the efficiency and promptness which characterize services from Nuredin Ahmad Allan and Associated Attorneys for over a decade.